Quotes About Writing From Famous Authors

I’ve always wanted to become one of the best writer there is in the world. I want to be able toe express my imagination, thoughts, opinions, feelings, and ideas the way they do. Isn’t it wonderful to be as good as them?

Thankfully, they are not so selfish to keep the secrets on how to become a better writer. Here are few helpful tips from famous authors. I am sure you’ll learn many things from them:

StephenKing RobertFrost NeilGaiman KurtVonnegut2 ErnestHemingway AntonCherkov


Of course you won’t become a great writer by simply reading their inspiring quotes. You have to work and practice hard in writing to be good at the craft.



  1. I loved this, especially Chekhov’s quote. A beautiful statement about how to write beautifully seems appropriate. Thank you for sharing!

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